Bite alarm and receiver
Most modern contemporary professional fishing set

State of the art technology
Exceptional reliability even in extreme conditions
Globally unique design
Durable and massive plastic, robust metal frame
Simple use
Each unit is tested
Czech development and manufacturing

3 year warranty

ALFA case free with purchase of full set (1 transmitter and 1 receiver).

Basic parameters of the set

ALFA-Tx Bite Alarm

The ALFA-Tx Bite Alarm is a completely new type of bite alarm. Its globally unique design and engineering-grade duralumin makes this product ideal for truly professional use. The ALFA-Tx Bite Alarm features a number of state of the art technologies and modern, exceptionally reliable electronics. The body is made of massive plastic with a robust metal frame. The bite alarm contains all of the important functions that fishermen appreciate.

  • Six LED colour options
  • Waterproof body with duralumin frame
  • Sound and optical bite alarm
  • Settings for fishing line tug sensitivity, tone and sound level
  • Settings for LED brightness and configuration
  • Night light navigation function
  • 20-second charge storage memory
  • Integrated long life battery and battery status indicator
  • 200-meter transmitter range
  • Swinger connection option

Price: CZK 3,490 incl. VAT

ALFA-Rx Long-distance Receiver

The ALFA-Rx Long-distance Receiver is exceptionally reliable and durable. Like the Alfa-Tx Bite Alarm, this receiver is made of engineering-grade duralumin and truly massive plastic with reliable and modern electronics inside.

  • Receiver for up to six bite alarms
  • Automatic colour and tone setting in transmitter
  • Bite alarm sound level setting
  • Vibration alarm
  • Integrated long life battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Waterproof body

Price CZK 3,490 incl. VAT


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